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William J Meadows

A third generation farmer/agri-businessman with experience in production agriculture, marketing, business management, process allocation, and human resource.


William (Bill) started Mountain States Oilseeds in 1973, and has brought three new oilseed crops and their markets to Idaho Agriculture.


Mountain States Oilseeds values long term business relationships with its customers and growers.  We build this business based on four principles:

1.) Quality  2.) Food Safety  3.) Service  4.) Timely deliveries.


Today, consumers are buying higher nutritious products for their families.  Mountain States Oilseeds monitors our growers from planting to harvest delivery to ensure the consumers demand.


No markets are too small or too far away for our experience and quality.


Please fill out our email form under contact MSO section and find out that we are the company to supply your needs.  We will work hard to satisfiy your needs.

Kacy Gehring

Jason B Godfrey

Jason grew up on a 4000 acre grain and oilseed farm with his father and grandfather.  After graduating from Utah State with a dual degree in busines and Agricultural Business, Jason came back to the farm and also became a full partner in their family commodity trucking business.


In 1996, Jason accepted a position as full partner in Mountain States Oilseeds with responsibilities in production, grower contracting, delivery management and marketing.  


His experience on the farm and trucking gives Mountain States Oilseeds exceptional knowledge from the grower to the consumer.


Both Jason and Bill have the passion it takes to excel in agriculture not only in the USA but world wide.  


MSO's mission statement "Farming for the 21st Century" not only fits the grower but  the need to feed the world's population with quality products.  

Chris Ravsten

Chris Ravsten was born and raised on a hog and grain farm in Clarkston, Utah. He served mission in Toronto, Canada. He met his wife Jamie through a connection of one of his mission companions while she was attending Utah State University in Logan.  Jamie is from Cedar City, Utah and is a Special Education Teacher. They have three children: Chandler, Jessica and Jadelyn.

In 1999, they discontinued the hog operation of their farm and transitioned into the concrete business. Chris and his brother John owned and operated Agri-Concrete, a residential, agriculture, and small commercial concrete business. Chris and John, along with their parents Norman and Frances, have continued operating 2,000 acres of wheat and safflower in and around Clarkston.

               Come see us at our new Office Building

      104 Idaho Street, Suite B, American Falls, Idaho 83211

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